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How we do it...

Entreprenuers are subject to distinct requirements compared to traditional job holders when it comes to purchasing a home. The process of providing mortgage lenders with the proper proof of income is strictly based off of maintained bookkeeping that substantiates tax records.


We connect the dots for entreprenuers seeking homeownership. We do so by introducing business owners to industry experts that will ensure that you are well positioned to put you in the position to purchase.


Our extensive network is made up of the following key professionals: 

Self-employed taxes

Filing taxes as an entrepreneur planning to buy a home means being mindful of how your business finances affect your mortgage application. You'll need to show stable income and possibly provide additional documentation, like profit and loss statements. Understanding the impact of your business on your tax returns and financial standing is crucial for securing a mortgage and achieving your homeownership goals.

Hiring a bookkeeper as an entrepreneur planning to buy a home can streamline your financial records and increase your chances of securing a mortgage. A bookkeeper helps keep your business finances organized, ensuring accurate income documentation for lenders. This move demonstrates financial responsibility, which is vital when applying for a mortgage as it helps showcase your ability to manage debt and expenses effectively.

Bookeeping for entrepreneurs
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